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Windows 8 handles ISO and VHD mounting, video shows the new Start menu

Since Microsoft showed off their next operating system, Windows 8, we really haven’t seen much more as far as the UI and new features are concerned. What we do know is that Windows 8 will be built on a simpler UI based on tiles and grids, much like the Windows Phone UI. But what will Window’s next version look like when a program is running? We finally see this from a video directly from Microsoft! The video shows off a new feature in Windows 8: ISO and VHD mounting. The video shows a screenshot of an open folder in Windows 8 (shown above). The screen looks scarily similar to Windows 7, with some small exceptions to minor color changes. One of the more drastic changes (maybe the only drastic change) is in the Start menu. The menu has been simplified and the UI of the menu looks much like that of a Windows Phone or Zune. By the way, have you noticed that desktop operating systems are becoming more and more like mobile operating systems? This goes to show that Microsoft may have evil plans to unite mobile and desktop operating systems. To learn more about Windows 8′s new features, such as virtual mounting, continue reading after the break! (There’s videos, too!)

Now talking about what Microsoft really wanted to show us in their video: you can now mount ISO and VHD files as if they were a drive connected to your computer. Previously, this could only be done on Windows with 3rd party software. This feature will work without add-ons. In a nutshell, if you double-click on an ISO (disk image) or VHD (hard drive image) file, that “virtual disc” will mount as a “virtual drive”. The virtual drive will appear under “My Computer” and look just like a regular CD or hard drive. Opening the virtual drive will show the contents of the ISO/VHD.

Microsoft hasn’t said much of anything about Windows 8 until last week when they started posting videos about the new OS. Check out all three of the Windows 8 preview videos below. Windows 8′s release date isn’t definite but will probably be in the summer of 2012.

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