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PS2 Games With Ground-Breaking Graphics

On October 26, 2000 the Playstation 2  was released. The milestones that were reached in the way the system was pushed to its absolute limits is still amazing to this day. I still have the 10-year-old small black box sitting under my new additions, which include a Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and 46-inch Sony Bravia television. Strangely enough, it is a fairly close tie between the PS2 and 360 in terms of which system I use the most for playing games on. The following are 5 PS2 games that I think pushed the Playstation 2’s limits.


Sony set the world on fire in October 2007 when it released the sequel to the company’s original God of War. Every aspect of this game was improved. An even greater epic story was presented by the game and it came with graphics that were well above par for a majority of PS3 and 360 games during this same time period. The last hoorah for Kratos on the system turned out to be absolutely amazing, and I am reminded why I didn’t transfer over to the next generation until 2008.


Although I was never a big fan of this series, I was totally blown away with what Gran Turismo pulled off on the PS2. I was at Best Buy the very first time that I played the game. I stood there in disbelief with a few people. I just couldn’t believe how real this game looked. It was the very first time you could have 1080i and racing could be enjoyed in full Hi-Def. There was a ton of content then, but it seemed so unreal at the time. There will were some hiccups that came along with it. There were some noticeable things that were missing, such as car damage and an online mode.


The PS2 version of this game was so incredible that when it was updated by Sony for the PS3, it was barely even an upgrade. If there was ever a game that should have been created for the PS2, this game is it. There is brilliant detail and level of attention, and you will be blown away by the gameplay presentation as well as sound that makes it truly a technical masterpiece.


This is a game I just picked up recently and I feel in love instantly. The game is absolutely stunning considering it arrive to no or little fanfare in 2004. Ghosthunter is similar to playing the precursor to just about all of today’s next-gen action games. Sure it is a short game, clocking in at only around 9 to 10 hours. Also the puzzles do kind of suck. However, the reason why it is so famous is due to the faction that all of its elements add up to what shouldn’t be done on the PS2. The game features breathtaking graphics for the PS2 and it has a light-hearted and adventurous story. Add in all of the cool gameplay elements, and fast real loading time also. Ghosthunter is an awesome game!


The only FPS that you are ever going to need is Black if you have a PS2. That really isn’t the truth, but it is among the most fun and action packed rides ever made for the PS2. Black was designed to move and look masterfully, to give the player a completely explosive overview of the way bullets are able to completely tear apart the in-game environment in addition to enemies. The only things that kill this thrilling ride for some people are lack of online and multiplayer play.

So there are the top five games that I believe totally outdid themselves when it comes to the last-generation Playstation 2. However, a word of warning, is that all of the games on the list run at 480p display and 16:9 widescreen, so go order a component video cable set and have a lot of fun.

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