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Yesterday we went to the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. Each participant raced in 12 races against others that were picked at random by the Pinewood Derby software. (Who knew that the Pinewood Derby was such a big deal that the track is computerized and has fancy software??).

We never finished a single race. I am a total failure as a father. Had there been a prize for the slowest car in the derby, the boy would have easily won that. In my defense I didn’t get the kit until the first weekend of March, and didn’t get the official rules until the Thursday before the race. I normally work every night during the month of March.

We will be starting next years Derby car in May, at my dad’s house. He has a bandsaw which will greatly help in cutting the car out of the block of wood. And this time I’m gluing the axles into the wood. They had managed to get out of alignment so one wheel was rubbing on the car body.

I think I will also apply a coat of polyurethane to the wood, this should make it a bit slicker were the wheels do touch the car, and I will polish the inside edges of the wheels with some

, to make them perfectly smooth. I did use some graphite lube on the wheels, but due to other problems with the car, it was of no help.

The boy did get a trophy for participation. He was thrilled.

After the Derby, we ran to Big City to visit PetSmart.

Question, is it “Pets Mart” or “Pet Smart”? I’ve never been able to decide. Mrs. Nobody says it is “Pets Mart” but I say it is the other. On the website it is spelled “PetSmart”. That settles it in my book.

Anyway, the girl wanted to see “all the pets” at PetSmart. So we get there and she runs to the back corner of the store, where they have the cages with the adoption animals in them. It seems she no longer gives a hoot about Sammy, she wants a cat!

They had one nice looking cat, the sign said there were two, one male, one female. Since there was only one, I decided it may look nice, but it had obviously eaten its cage mate. It looked pretty big, so it’s possible.

She didn’t really give a shit about looking at the fish (which she used to always want to do). The lizards, frogs, and birds did interest her, as did some “gerbils” which looked like rats to me.

Anyway, we bought what we went in there for, which was a bottle of doggy

Sammy does not appear to be doing any better. She is more willing to be held and snuggled though, so maybe that’s a good sign. But there is still no movement in her back legs. She does pee for us when we take her outside, but there has been no pooping yet. That can’t be good. She has eaten well for us since she came home Friday night. I may take her to the East Undershirt Vet tomorrow if she still isn’t pooping.

I found a great resource on Dachshund back problems. There’s a website called

(Dachshund Orthopedic Disc Group Email Resource). Looks like lots of great info there, and I have joined their Yahoo email group.

I went to bed at about 11:00pm last night. I got up at a few minutes before 9am this morning, watched TV for 45 minutes, then went back to bed. Mrs Nobody woke me up at 12:20pm to eat lunch. Then I went to work.

In other words, I’m still tired all the damn time. I’m pretty much awake now, but that’s only because I’m busy working (like you really believe that one!), eating Gardetto’s, and drinking Diet Pepsi. I have some Twinkies on standby in case I need some sugar.

I go back to working the day shift tomorrow, so maybe that will help with the lethargy. We’ll see.

Now I have to actually go do some work. I started an electrical project over a week ago and I have a self imposed deadline of today to get it done. I will be working in a 480V panel, so this could be my last post if I slip up. It’s been nice knowing all of you!

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