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Is Your Husband Jealous of Your Home Business?

Does your spouse constantly hound you about the time you spend online? Does he make fun of you? Do you have the support you need from your husband to successfully run your business?
I’ve seen these questions asked in forum discussions more times than I can count. What is it with the control thing with (some) of the male species? I wonder how many women that have had really successful businesses gave it all up simply because their spouse wanted more of their attention? I don’t think I want to know the answer to that question.
I lived with it myself for awhile…until I started making more money. Ahh, then it was a different story.
Is it any different than a women being jealous of her husband’s job and the time spent there? Of course it is. Well according to some people, if you work at home, then it’s not a real “JOB”…Right there is where the conflict exists. It doesn’t matter how much money you make with your home business either. To some people, (mainly men) if it’s “work at home” then it is not considered a real working job. Sad, but true.
If you are finding yourself in this predicament, you need to take a good look at your relationship with your spouse, the time you spend with him, and what YOU can do about it.
Here are some starting points for you:
1) Have a good talk with your husband. Explain to him just what your business means to you and the support you need from him. Include that you are trying to supplement his income so that you both can benefit financially.
2) Explain your plan of action, the scheduled time you need, and the steps you need to take to make your business a success. Make for sure he fully understands just what it is that you need to be doing to make a success out of your business.
3) Schedule special time with your spouse and stick with it. Talk to him about this schedule and explain that this time is specifically for you both. Go out to eat, plan a special candle-lit dinner at home, take walks together, just anything that you both have a common interest in. Let him know you are excited about this time together. Make it known that working at home would be a great way to be able to spend more time together…(and your children, if you have children). Spending more time with your family should be the main reason for working from home.
4) Compliment him on his job performance at work, and also on all the maintenance projects that he does around the house. It can be simple things. Just let him know how much you appreciate him and everything he does.
5) Share with your spouse about others you know who have made a success out of their business and the benefits that came from it.
6) Try to get your husband involved in your home business. Make your business a team effort. Schedule your business activities around his schedule.
7) And finally…try some counseling together, (if the above things are not working).
To have a truly successful home business, you definitely need the support of a loving spouse. If not your spouse, then you need the support of your family members and your friends. Something else you might want to consider is…join a support group or support forums. There are tons of support groups out there, online and offline. Just do a search on Google and you’ll get pages and pages full of results. I did…and I found a great article by Liz Folger-(A work at home mom expert) right off the bat.
The name of the article is: “How to Get Your Husband To Back Your Business.” I must say, it’s a great find.
I just typed in…”home business support groups” and it was #6 on Google.
Don’t be afraid or shamed to fight for what you truly want in a home business. If you really want to work at home and start your home business, OR you need the support to keep your current business afloat…then go for it! Stand up for yourself and for what you want.

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