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How to Become Self Employed Online; 6 Steps You Need to Take

Whatever reason for considering self employment you might have, there is ONE question that you probably struggle with: HOW to become self employed. In this post I’ll help you out in answering this question by giving you 6 steps you need to take.
Rather than starting with the countless opportunities you can find online you should start with YOU. When starting your own business it’s utterly important that you start with something making you feel happy and content when doing it. How and with what would you like to fill your days? If you go into this without a clear awareness of the answer to this and similar questions, your self employed career might be short and painful.
Spending time with creating the lists below will create the foundation of your self employment, and you are of course smart enough to understand what a weak foundation will do to anything. Therefore spend enough time to have a crystal clear perception of what’s your sweet spot to operate from when producing excellent products or services to your market. Be specific right down to the tasks as this will help you look for solutions later on rather than draining your energy with something you don’t like to do.
So make lists:
* What you believe you’re good at
* What you love to do
* What you don’t like to do
* What you would like to learn
* What your friends think you’re good at
* What your family think you’re good at
* What your coworkers think your good at
Based on this information you navigate yourself into your own sweet spot where you do the things that produce energy within you and give you the feeling of being alive and vibrant. When operating from your sweet spot it’s much easier to attract customers rather than chasing them. At this stage it’s also important to think through what you are willing to invest in time, effort and money to become self employed. How important is it to you?
Brainstorm what kind of products or services YOU could offer when operating from your sweet spot. How can YOU solve problems or challenges that others might have with the skills, abilities and passion that you have?
Don’t stop with the first idea entering your mind. The best ideas usually show up further into a brainstorming process, so keep on until you have a considerable list of opportunities in front of you. It might be smart to ask your friends to help you with this process as well as spend some time surfing the Internet and/or skimming magazines to get more ideas.
Don’t evaluate the ideas in this phase of the process. Ideas that might seem ridiculous to begin with, might turn out to be excellent and vice versa. Let step three decide what’s good ideas and what’s not.
When you have a long list of business ideas, it’s time to research their market potential. Don’t trust your beliefs of what the needs of your prospects might be. If you want to play safe then do the job of researching the market and find out if there actually is enough people willing to pay for the products/services in all the business ideas on your list.
With Internet this is easier and cheaper than ever before and you can do it within a short time compared to what market research was before Internet. If you don’t know how to do this, Chris Farrell []is an excellent teacher to turn to.
When you know the market potential of your different business ideas, it’s time to pick the one idea that triggers your passion the most. Arrange the ideas with the best market potential at the top of your list. Then scale each idea up against your passion. Start from the top of the list. Use a scale from 0 to 100 where 100 is your burning desire. The right business idea for YOU is the one where your passion meets the market potential. Preferably your passion should score 100 on the scale because then you know you’ll take the process to the end no matter what it’ll cost you of time, effort and money. Tell yourself that success is all about having staying power because that’s the truth. When your passion scores 100 you’ll have that power.
Create a vision of how you want to serve your market and a vision of how you want your business to serve your life. Work on this until it triggers your strongest emotions and fire up your motivation. Turn your vision into goals and – before you start with anything – make a plan on how to reach them. The plan should be the shortest way from where you are now to the goals you’ve made.
In this process it’s highly important to look at the lists you created in step 1. Tasks you don’t like to do or don’t master well enough you set up for outsourcing in your plan. Your plan shall leave you with only those tasks that you enjoy doing. Outsourcing online is easier and cheaper than you may think. If you believe you have a lack of money to do this, then act resourcefully and figure out a way to do it anyway. Use Internet to find solutions.
Make sure you end up with a plan that suits your personality. It may be nice to create a comprehensive business plan, but if this limits your creativity and problem solving skills then make it simple. The point here is not the plan in and of itself, but that you have a clear perception of what you need to do to get to your goal.
When you’re satisfied with your plan the time has finally come to implement it and develop your business.
If you take yourself serious, you take the time and effort to do this process well. If you do, you’ll spare yourself of many problems which are common among the opportunity seekers who jump upon the one “golden” business idea after the other. Another benefit this process gives you is a clear perception of what is important and what’s not. Therefore making decisions along the way gets much easier. If you dream of a good life with freedom and happiness, this is the way to succeed creating self employed income.
As I mentioned above; the best one to teach you to take the first steps into the online business world and become self employed is Chris Farrell . There is a reason why he’s membership site has been voted the #1 Internet Marketing Service… But please don’t skip the first step in the process I’ve outlined for you here. You’ll regret that later…
Aase K – the self employed income coach

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