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Fallout 4 is Less Than Two Weeks Away

Many people agree that Fallout 3 was one of the best games ever made. It provided that unique blend of FPS and RPG, combined with a huge map where you could spend hundreds of hours  roaming the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Two years later, the series is back with Fallout: New Vegas.

The new game takes everything you’ve loved about Fallout 3 and turns it up a notch. The story line is now a lot more intertwined with the rest of the game and there are now a lot more side missions(70 side quests + 90 free quests) to keep you busy. The new world is bigger than ever, with more than 200 primary and the same number of secondary locations. And there are now twice as many weapons to kill with, which you can actually modify with stuff like silencers, scopes and different ammo types.

The game also brings a new experience to the series. In the past, shooter fans complained about the VATS system, because it made the fights a point and click adventure. Shoot in the torso for 95% or shoot in the head for 35%? But that has finally been addressed with the new ironsights system. It lets you have the option to aim like you do in any other FPS. So if you rock at headshots, you’ll no longer have to deal with a huge accuracy penalty.

The companion experience has also been vastly improved. No longer will your companions die because they are equipped with the wrong weapon or get noticed by being careless.

The morality of your actions will also have a lot more consequences. According to the developers there is no way to finish the game without pissing off at least some of the warring tribes.

Finally the game introduces a hardcore mode for the real survivors. In this mode you’ll have to drink water(even from a toilet) and find safe places to sleep in order to stay alive. You’ll also have to cobble together new ammunition from old bullet casings. And for the final kick to the nuts, your ammo will now have weight.

Final verdict: if you are a gamer, this is an essential day one purchase. Unlike most games that come out nowadays, you can literally spend thousands of hours on this game.

The game drops, Tuesday, October 19. And there are two options. You can buy the regular game or you can pay $20 more for the Collector’s edition. The Collector’s edition comes with some poker chips, a set of Fallout 4 playing cards, a recreation of the coveted Lucky 38 platinum chip, a hardcover novel “All Roads” that tells you a story about some of the characters and a “Making of” DVD.

Amazon has a $10 credit if you pre-order the regular version of the game for PS3 or Xbox. This doesn’t apply to the PC version, since that’s already $10 less.

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