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Epic Games for Epic Gamers

Deciding what is an epic game is really hard, because we can say that a really hard game to play is an epic game. Or we can also say that a game that has terrific graphics is an epic one. Or even we can mention that an epic game is where the game structure is simply amazing. So, based on everything, we came up with a very short list, with only 3 epic games.

What? Only 3?

Yes, only three! Because there is not much epicness in the world. Except for the epic gamers. Than, we have a bunch of them. And here it comes our epic games for epic gamers.

The first Final Fantasy published was in 1987, and the game continuous to be a success until today. We are talking about 26 years of games and 15 main games. Not mentioning the continuations, Gameboy’s versions, spin offs and others. It would be very difficult to list it all here.

Why is Final Fantasy an Epic Game?

All started out of the game. It was the last try of the creator to make it work in a console. And that’s why the name “Final Fantasy”, because it was the real final shot for the executive producer. For his surprise the game was very well accepted, even launching a new way of playing, which was copied by many other games.

Every Final Fantasy game is completely different from the other. New characters, new worlds, new places and new tales. And even being such a great surprise in each game, Final Fantasy always attracts its audience attention and never loses its public.

Not mentioning that Final Fantasy fans got an extra on the big screens! It was two movies with revolutionary techniques. The first movie was not pleasant to everyone, but the second was a complete success and based on the 7th version of the main game.

And that’s why it’s an Epic Game, because even after 26 years, it’s still expected by the gamers. When a new Final Fantasy is launched, the success is guaranteed.

Besides anyone refers the name to the main character, the story is about a little man called Link, who goes in a great adventure to save the Princess, and this one is named Zelda.

The first The Legend of Zelda was launched in 1986, 27 years ago. With Nintendo possessing all the rights over the game, we can be realistic and understand that the dream of playing the game outside a Nintendo console is almost impossible. But at least, there are 17 official games to go and have a lot of fun!

But tell me, why is The Legend of Zelda an epic game?

Well, first because you have to save the princess. And its always epic to save princesses, specially if you are an elf and possess an elfic sword. And second because after 27 years they still launch new games and many gamers still loves the little Link. Not mentioning its tale and the way that all develops. Check the game Timeline!

The only one in the list that not belong to consoles, World of Warcraft is a MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online RPG). And what that means? That many people play online, together, in a parallel world.

Launched In 2004, the game has already 4 expansions with the 5th to be launched really soon, they are: The Burning Crusade (2007); Wrath of the Lich King (2008), Cataclysm (2010), The Mists of Pandaria (2012); Warlords of Draenor (to be launched).

What makes World of Warcraft so epic?

Everything. WoW (how the game is non among the players) is a literally a parallel life. You build up a very weak character and during the play role you start to get stronger, you develop few professions, you learn how to fight, how to ride a horse, a flying mount. You must make money (not real one, of course) to be able to buy some important items for your character. You go in adventures, you kill master bosses and you join a group to fight for something bigger. You have enemies and you can challenge them during the game or in special places as “Arenas”.

Yeah, you can do this and much, much more. WoW is a game that compulsory players must be very careful, because you can stay there for many many hours and not even notice it!

And it’s not only that! The history behind the game is incredible! A real tale full with details, making everything in the game be what it is for a very special reason. And for the gamers, this is part of the game.

Choosing between Horde and Alliance. Choosing your race and your power. Creating a super character and building up its life. This is the way an epic game should go!

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