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Understanding Viral Content

In the webmaster communities there is much discussion on the importance of content creation compared with the importance of link building. No matter the method you chose if you don’t understand how to create content worth being shared then you can forget about becoming viral. If you learn how to create content that is worth linking to and worth sharing then you should easily be able to explode your traffic stats without the monotonous task of building thousands of keyword anchored backlinks. The first thing you need before you can create content online that is linkable is an understanding of online business. If you understand why people are searching and what they are looking for then it will be much easier to fill that need and profit from publishing the answers.

The first thing you should focus on when trying to create viral content is what in your niche is missing. There are many ways to go about this usually you will need to hit all the social websites such as twitter and facebook. If you want to look through twitter and find questions that people have within your niche then use Twitters Advanced Search at and type in the main keywords for your niche. If you have an internet marketing website or SEO website go to twitters advanced search and type in “internet marketing” or something like “how to market a website” and see what the people are saying. If you would prefer to use facebook then you will need to join a couple groups that are closely related to your niche. First look through the conversations and see if questions are being asked if that does not work go ahead and try asking the people if they have any questions about a certain topic. You should also join forums pertaining to your niche. I have found that when I answer a question that is asked over and over in a forum it brings in quite a bit of traffic.

Now finding what topics need answering and actually writing a post or article that answers the questions being asked is two different things. You need to understand that becoming a qualified web writer does not happen overnight it takes years of communicating online. If you think your first post or article will be the one that makes you a millionaire then you are quite mistaken. The point of creating viral content is not becoming rich overnight it is building an awareness of your expertise within your niche. If one post you write is mentioned on a few dozen blogs within your niche then you will see your traffic and readership climb and you will be one step closer to reaching a decent online income.

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