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Top 3 Easiest Backlinks via Blog Comments

I was thinking about my SEO work over the pass few days. I realize I haven’t been doing much blog comments lately but did a lot of christmas stuff. I then started thinking about the easiest blog comments to get approved. Simple one word or one line comments. I came up with the top 3 type of posts that a blogger will approve one word/line comments.

Top 3 Type Of Blog Posts #1 – Income Report This is the best blog post to comment on. You can even just say “nice” and the blogger will approve your comment. The reason I pick this to be number 1 is this type of post happens 12 times a year, and tons of bloggers have them. You can easily comment on over 100 blogs each month between 1st and 3rd of the month.

#2 – Holiday Posts Christmas day I made a ton of comments on blogs with a “Christmas” post. All I had to post was “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” and the comment was approved. You already know what I am going to do on “New Years” day. Just think about how many holidays there is each year.

#3 – Birthday Posts Now this is the sweetest post of all. Birthday of the blog or the blogger, its still an easy comment for you. Just post “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday To The Blog” and you got an approved comment.

SEO Tips Remember most of these blogs are dofollow so use good keywords for your name. Don’t just use the name of your blog. When I first started I did all blog comments with the name “KushMoney” and I was first for my keyword. Once I learned that blog commenting could be great for SEO. I started using keywords I wanted to rank well in google. Don’t place any links into the blog comment itself. Most bloggers view this as spam and your comment will not get approved. Also don’t use long tail keywords like “Make Money Online By Using Affiliate Programs” in your name. It makes the blogger’s blog look messy and he/she will mark it as spam. Short and simple will get your comments approved.

I hope this post helped you and I am gald to help all my subscribed readers.

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