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The State Of Your Mind and The Youth Of Your Skin

When was the last time you really thought about the true state of your mind? When was the last time you had the possibility of contemplating your thoughts, of analyzing your emotions, your goals in life or testing the power of your will? When was the last time you meditated on the real causes of the problems you’re experiencing? Did you ever took some time to observe the way negative thoughts are influencing your life, being the cause of your failures, unhappiness and diseases?

And one day you manage to get away only for one moment from the endless circle of hurrying and struggling for survival. You take a good look at your reflection in the mirror and you observe that an old, tired stranger is looking at you. Your skin lost its youthful appearance, you have deep wrinkles on your forehead and around your mouth, dark circles around your eyes, not to mention the unaesthetic sagging skin.

Let’s be honest here. In such circumstances, what are most people doing? Many are accepting ‘their fate’ without bothering to change something about their lives. Others look for ‘fast and effective solutions’ that will make them look young again without effort, time and patience. And just a few try to understand what the real cause of their deteriorated appearance is. But please understand me correctly: I’m not saying that it’s possible to fully reverse or stop the aging process. I only say that it’s in our power to grow old gracefully, slowly, without losing that youthful spark in our eyes and the capacity of enjoying each day.

Did you ever notice that grumpy, sad or stressed people look much older than happy people? That’s what I’m trying to prove! No matter how many creams or masks are you applying to your face, neck and body skin, no matter how many scrubs and peelings you do, no matter how many surgical procedures you undergo, you’ll never be able to really improve the quality of your life without changing your state of mind. A cream might moisturize your skin, but who will moisturize your emotions? Who will smooth down those ugly wrinkles that appeared as a consequence of your permanent scowling? Isn’t it easier to smile than to try out the surgeon’s scalpel?

As we all know, plastic surgery is the last remedy you should consider. A face lift without surgery is a better alternative, allowing your skin to rejuvenate naturally, without side-effects, recovery time and serious expenses.

For those who are strong enough to choose a natural transformation over a surgical one, the first thing to do would be getting a ‘mind-lift’. Allow yourself to contemplate your life, your thoughts and your emotions. Get rid of the destructive ones and concentrate on your positive goals. If stress has already overwhelmed you and a simple analysis is not enough for pulling you out of the deep pit of despair, then consider getting some help. Of course, not ‘psychological’ help in form of sessions and pills – these things might help, but they will not fully eradicate the negative states of mind, only lessen their effects.

I’m talking about risk-free, natural methods of coping with stress, sadness and despair like meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and martial arts. These healing systems are practiced for thousands of years, being extremely effective for everyone who wants a new look, a new life and a new chance.

Hi! Angela here.. I’m a humble person currently teaching English classes to kids on Tokyo, Japan. However, I’m also a big fan of healthy and frugal living. Read a bunch of interesting posts that reveal secrets regarding your own and your family’s health, here on my blog. If there is something you need to know more about and you can’t find it here on this site, let me know! Thanks!

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