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New Browser Chrome from Google

The browser market is pretty saturated where big boss Microsoft having the largest market share with its Internet Explorer. There is also Mozilla Firefox which is run by Mozilla foundation with active technical and financial support from Google. Google was actively promoting Firefox., so why Google needed to come with a new browser altogether? The answer lies in Google’s insecurity that Microsoft with the help of widely popular Internet Explorer may influence search in future. Google suspected that Microsoft may send searchers to its search engine “Live Search”.

Google has made Chrome public today with the Beta version and is available for free download on its website. This browser is an open source software and is available free of cost. Chrome claims to be very simple yet high security. Chrome has capitalized on open source software like Webkit, Mozilla firefox etc and some new technologies in an effort to give a next generation web browser. A comic book by Scott McCloud has been sent to bloggers and journalists explaining the features and motivation for using it.

The browser war will be hotting up with Microsoft releasing IE 8 beta 2, Mozila Firefox 3.0 and now Joined by Google Chrome beta. By the end of this year it should be clear if Chrome is Chromosome or just namesake! With Chrome Google may be looking to have a larger say which it did not had with the independent minded Mozilla corp. With chrome Google also intends to have better integration with its various tools like Analytics, Picassa etc. As of now Chrome is only available for Windows XP/Vista. It will launch for Mac OS and Linux soon. Read more about the features…….

Now the question is which browser will it hit the most? My understanding tell Mozilla Firefox will be the worst hit. As Firefox will now become almost a step child. I do not think IE will be hit very hard but it can have long term implications.

A first look at the Google Chrome browser.

Note: I will post more updates as I go through the browser more.

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