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How the Internet is Changing the Publishing Business

The Internet is leading the way in change in almost every aspect of life. Tapping the Internet is one of the easiest ways to communicate and discover information. The Internet is bringing rapid change to the world and to the world of writing. The Internet is reshaping the writing business in many different ways.
The Internet allows for the rapid connection of writers and editors. The Internet allows for more opportunities with the dawn of web content. There are many different ways that the Internet is creating change for the publishing industry. The following are some of the increasing trends with the Internet and publishing.
New publishing avenues
The Internet allows for increased opportunities for writers. The advent of e-books has opened some incredible doors for writers. E-books are simply books that are published in an electronic format and allow the writer to produce them independently from a publishing company. Many writers can make e-books available online through their own personal Web site or through a third party who provides the hosting for the e-books. E-books cost next to nothing to produce and can be available almost instantly for the buyer. E-books can dramatically change the publishing industry and open increased doors for freelance writers.
Fewer printed materials
Many publishing companies are feeling the effects of the economic slowdown and as a result are publishing fewer items. Magazines are producing shorter or fewer issues. Book publishers are buying and producing fewer books. Some companies have slashed production by forty percent or higher. Many publishers are turning to the Internet to produce additional materials and increase their base revenues. By going online, publishers can get an increased level of income through more advertisers.
Increase of online content
There are more and more Web sites that are searching for freelance writers to produce the needed content for their various Web sites. Online content requires a different style and format than the printed counterpart. Most Internet sites need large amounts of content to keep their supply up and the demand high for potential online viewers. Content needs to be written by someone and content publishers are always searching for providers.
The pay for online content varies based on the needs of the publisher and the experience of the writer. The lowest base pay is about one cent per word which adds up to $5 per 500-word article. Writing for online content is one of the easiest ways to break into freelance writing. The pay may not be stellar but Internet writing is a start and moving up from there is much easier than starting from scratch.
The Internet may be changing the publishing business but there are opportunities to be seized. Writers need to be ready to search through every opportunity to find avenues to create new content. The increase in Internet content is consistent with the smaller demands in printed materials. The opportunities abound and writers need to be willing and able to pursue them.

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