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Guardian Cross [IPAD GAME REVIEWS]

Square-Enix has casted the magic of the RPG game into their new battle card game “Guardian Cross”, capture and train epic guardians then form the unbeatable party. Fight among the guardian trainers online. Let’s show them who’s the strongest guardian trainer in the world of Guardian Cross. Let’s grasp it! it’s free!

Available on the appstore

Guardian Cross IPad by Square-Enix is game which combined the Battle Card game with the RPG system ( So I could say It is the RPG-Card battle game). This game is collaborately worked by the team which once created a very popular Final Fantasy Series. You will also find some cool guardian cards which appeared in the Final Fantasy as well.

In Guardian Cross IPad, the gameplay can be divided in to three phases as follows:

1. Hunting Phase: In this phase the player will move to the hunting ground with the sniper rifle, Its time to hunt some powerful guardians then put them into your party.

Once you use the Hunter Ticket, you will move to the world map where the guardians are lurking around. What you need to do is to prepare the sniper rifle, hunt the guardian as much as you can in the time limit ( 60 Seconds). Oh wait! I have some trick that will help you to hunt more guardians below:

Guardian Cross IPad cheat tricks and tips: In order not to waste your hunter ticket, You need to know these basic rules. 1. after beating a guardian, he will turn into a random card (Sure with a random grade 1-5 Stars as well). 2.Sometimes a guardian will has a “Break” state which you can defeat them in just a single blow! and can obtain the time bonus from the guardian which has the “Time Bonus” state. Do not expect much on Break, let’s find the time bonus monsters. After capturing a guardian, switch back quickly to the world map then find another blinked target, that’s easy!

2. Guardian Phase, Guardian Cross IPad, Let’s make a party in this phase. You can choose up to 12 guardians then put them in the party. As mentioned earlier that this game has combined with the RPG system. Each card will have a Star which reflect to the grade of the guardian (1-5), and also the “Lv” as in the RPG game. In order to level your guarding, you have to combine it with another monster cards. For example, you would like to upgrade 3 star guardian, you can use 3 slime (1 Star) to level it up. The lv is very important since it boost the guardian stat and this will make the advantage in the battle.

3. Battle Phase, Once the party is ready, it’s time to the battle. In the Guardian Cross IPad, you can reorder the guardian your choice, design your own strategy then Boom! the battle begins! the rule of each battle is very simple, kill your opponents guardian to gain the victory! Let’s see you’re tough enough or not.

In conclusion, Guardian Cross IPad is one of the addictive card game and it’s totally Free. Normally, I would say Square Enix ususally sells their game in a quite expensive price. However, This time they have make a big change to their pricing model which is really cool!, There is a Battle Point which will be spend on each battle (5 per each) which means that when the battle points run out you cannot do the card battle. Luckily! Square Enix allow this point to be regenerated over the time and it not so long to refill all 50 battle points. I would like to thanks to Square Enix for this kind of system. Regarding the graphic music and game play are not disappointed their fan! Let’s grasp it!

I would like to rate this game as 5/5 STARS (Cool!! RPG + CARD GAME)

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