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FBI Virus Removal in Eugene, Oregon

Have the FBI / Monkeypak virus? You’re not alone. It’s been spreading like crazy and wreaking havoc among the nation. Eugene Computer Geeks removes the FBI virus for only $30!

The FBI virus is a scam called scareware or a Ransom virus. It is downloaded accidentally, and then locks users out of their computer and claims they need to pay the FBI $200 to avoid prosecution by using the anonymous payment service Moneypak. Don’t fall for the scam! Hire Eugene Computer Geeks to remove it for you.

Our virus specialist comes on-site at no additional cost (if within the Eugene / Springfield, Oregon city limits). Scheduled drop-offs available upon request.

This is a guaranteed service, and we have lots of experience with removing this particular virus. Our competitors charge as high as $200 to $300 to remove it. We find this unjustified considering it only takes 5-15 minutes to properly remove.

FBI VIRUS REMOVAL SERVICE: -$30! Guaranteed removal. Takes about 5-15 minutes. On-site removal This service is for removal of the FBI Virus only.

FULL VIRUS REMOVAL AND PREVENTION SERVICE: -$60! 2 hour service. Removal of FBI / Moneypak virus and all other viruses, malware, spyware, and adware. Most PC’s infected with the FBI virus are infected with other Viruses or Malware as well. We also install advertisement blocking software, and ensure you have adequate protection installed and setup correctly. Our Geeks install a malware cleaning tool, tutor users how to stop viruses, and how to properly maintain their PC.

Remote Removal may be available upon request, even if you are not in Oregon.

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