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Facebook for Seniors

Technology doesn’t know how old you are. The only barrier between you and new technology is your attitude toward learning. For the most part, today’s youth thinks it’s a waste of time teaching new tricks to old dogs…and old dogs generally think there’s no reason to learn those new tricks.

First, let me dispel that last thought. There are actually countless reasons to be on Facebook, but the primary one is that deep inside, you would like to stay more in touch with family, grandkids, friends, old work colleagues, or college buddies. There is nothing magical about Facebook…but it will magically keep you connected with these important people in your life and let “you” control your level of involvement.

My level of involvement in Facebook is very important…and yours should be, too. I want to see the latest pictures my daughter took of our grandchildren…but I don’t give a hoot that anyone is playing Facebook games (like Farmville). But…if I ever decide I do want to play Farmville, I can simply flip a switch and win all the cows and chickens I’ll ever need. Until then (which, for me will likely never arrive) I’ll have my cows and chickens for dinner!

Top Reasons to Use Facebook

* Find old friends and keep in touch with them.
* Join existing groups are already there for your past organizations, alumni, Navy ships, etc.
* Keep in touch with the rest of the family.
* Your favorite celebrity or sports hero is on Facebook.
* You don’t need to remember names or places…Facebook does this for you.
* Free coupons, deals, etc. from your favorite stores.
* The most important…Facebook narrows the generation gap.

So, let’s get started! (And if you want to see any of the following screenshots as a larger image…just click on them.)

1. Enter Your Details

Go to and look for the “Sign Up” area which is on the right of the main Facebook home page.

Enter your first name in the “First Name:” field. Then enter your surname (or family name) in the “Last Name:” field. You’ll then need to enter your email address (twice). This is required this to ensure you enter the correct address without any mistakes or “typos”. Enter your email address in the two boxes labeled “Your email address:” and “Re-enter your email address:”

Next, select a password. It is really important that you use a password that only you know and would be difficult to guess by anyone else. A mix of letters and numbers is preferred and whatever you do, don’t use something like your pet’s name, your birthplace, etc.

Note: Facebook doesn’t allow you to use symbols (like &, % #) in your password…so keep it to letters (use a mix of upper and lower case) along with numbers.

Now select your gender and then enter your birth date. Once you’ve completed the above items, just click the green “Sign Up” button and you will be taken to the “Security Check Screen”.

2. Facebook Sign Up – Are You Human?

This uses something called a “Captcha”, which is a way of Facebook making sure that you are a real person and not some sort of automated robot. Here, simply type the words you see in the Captcha image into the box underneath it and then click the green “Sign Up” button.

3. Find Your Friends

After clicking the “Sign Up” button, you’ll see the above screen, which is an easy way for your to quickly find any friends you have that have already signed up to Facebook. It does this by looking at your email contacts and seeing if it can match any of your friends’ email addresses with other users’ emails addresses that are registered with Facebook. Once you click the “Find Friends” button you will then have to log into your email account and allow Facebook access to your Contacts. Don’t be afraid to do this…you need to find all your friends who are on Facebook and this is the easiest way to do it. In fact, you’ll probably be amazed at how many of your friends are already on Facebook!

4. Enter Your Profile Information

Once you’ve added your friends, the next step is to enter your profile information, such as your secondary school, university or college and your employer. Entering these details allows you to find people you may know more quickly and vice versa. Once you’ve done this, simply click “Save & continue” and you’ll be taken to Step 5, which is where you upload a photo of you.

5. Upload Your photo

After you’ve uploaded your photo, the final stage is to click “Save & continue” once more and that’s it!

6. Confirm Your Account

You’ll now need to log into your email account and click the link that Facebook has sent you to confirm your account. Once that’s done, you will have completed your Facebook Sign Up!

How easy was that! If you still have questions about Facebook, just leave a comment in the Leave a Reply window below.

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