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Does iPad has a USB port

USB stands for Universal Serial Port and every single decent product seems to come with a Serial port. Computers come with USB, Laptops come with USB, netbook come with USB, Cameras come with USB, HDTVs come with USB, printers come with USB, Camcorders come with USB. So the obvious question is Does iPad come with a USB port.

The short answer is – no iPad does not come with a USB port. You can not connect a USB pen drive to an iPad, not at least directly. You can not connect a USB printer from an iPad and hope to print the contents form the iPad to a printer. You can not transfer files using a USB pen drive. Very unlike the netbook which typically have 2 or 3 USB ports that you can use to print the documents, transfer files using the USB pen drives and connect hundreds of devices that come on USB. But there is a solution. Not a very good solution, but it does exist. And Apple makes money out of it. They sell a separate device, that they call docking system. The connection of the USB pin is available on the iPad but it gets extended through the docking system. But you will have to buy the socking system separately. The iPad dock comes for $29. So if you are looking for a USB connection extension you may like buy the iPad dock.

Separating the USB from the main system helps keep the iPad design slim. Unfortunately, it adds to the headache of the users who have to maintain the docking system which eventually leads to lack of mobility, in case they plan to use the dock.

The docking system can also be used to do some additional things. Example

– You can Connect the dock to computer with the USB cable to sync iPad and charge its battery. -You can connect the dock to a TV or video projector with the VGA Adapter or the Apple Component or Composite AV Cable. – You can also Connect the dock to a stereo input or speakers with AV cable or a stereo audio cable and play music from iPad.

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