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5 Website Design Features Every Site Needs

Web design is a popular field that continues to expand at staggering levels. Plenty of people jump at the opportunity to build their own website but few understand exactly what items need to appear on the actual site. While every website is different, almost all websites share the common ground of needing certain elements in place. The best way to ensure the inclusion of all these important features of a website is to create a checklist. For the sake of this article, we will focus on five of the features that every website should include.

Contact Information

Contact information is among the most basic and commonly overlooked features of a website. Unfortunately, many people either forget to include contact information on their site or choose not to for a variety of reasons. The importance of including contact information on your website is twofold. First, the information reassures the visitor that your site is in fact run by a person, in which the customer can reach with any questions about products or to make a purchase. On the other hand, contact information serves as an additional way to keep the visitor on the page. Any customer left unable to contact the business will simply leave the site before searching for ways of getting in contact. In essence, websites without contact information risk missing out on the sales and revenue almost immediately.

Easy to Read Content

You could have the greatest content on the internet but if it is not easy to read then expect to lose visitors. There are simple ways to make your content easy to read such as choosing a font that integrates well with the internet. Most websites work well with fonts including Arial, Georgia and Verdana but be sure to test each font out on the site before going live. Additional elements to include for readability include a proper font size, bullet points, headlines, images and keeping a white background with black text. This classic color combination is easiest on the eyes.

Mailing List

The problem with mailing lists is that aside from serving as an excellent means to keep in contact with visitors, mailing lists are often intimidating to site owners. Plenty of site owners choose not to include a mailing last in fear of being unable to create good, quality content each week to send out. The reason why every website should include a mailing list is because there is no time like the present to start collecting email addresses. Even if you choose not to send out any content at all, it is always better to have email addresses and not need them then to need addresses and not have them.

Good Navigation

Navigation is essential for your visitors to explore the pages of your website. Simplicity works well with navigation, as anything too complicated will result in a visitor unable to locate the content he or she wants. Start with a main menu on the home page and create categories. You can then link deeper pages of the site from the category pages.

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